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Dramacool True Beauty All Ep In English

Dramacool True Beauty: If you are searching about Dramacool True Beauty on Google or any other place or if you want to see it, then you have come to the right place, you will come to know through this post that you are Dramacool True Beauty Where can you see all the episodes from Hello Beauty, along with watching this race, we will also know when and when the fridge was released and who had how many characters like we are going to know about more things, friends, I know Is that you have come here for this so that your beauty can watch this series

True Beauty is a great South Korean TV series that many Indians also like to watch and millions of Indians have started watching South Korean TV series nowadays, one of them is called True Beauty which is very popular. It is becoming popular nowadays and millions of people are searching on Google, so you will not need to search on Google, because today I am going to tell you how you can watch Dramacool True Beauty Series. Are

As you would know dependent is built on drama, so let’s know some things about it then why this fridge was released on December 9, 2020, and it airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm. Come True Beauty The series is executive produced by Kim Young-gyu and produced by Jung Jung-doo Song Jin-seon Produced by Kwon Mi-kyung, Moon Seok-hwan, Oh Kwang-hee

The name of the company producing the TV show is Studio EN. The first episode of this TV show was released on 9th December 2020 and its second episode was released on 10th December 2020. The third episode was released on 16th December 2020. The fourth episode was released on 17th December 2020. The fifth episode was released on 30th December 2020. Episode 6 24 December 2020 Episode 7 Episode 6 January 2021 Episode Eight Episode 7 January 2021 Episode 13 January 2021 Episode 9 Episode 13 January 2021 Episode 10 Episode 14 January 2021 Episode 11 Episode 20 January 2021 Episode 21 January 2021 Episode Thirteen Episode 27 January 2021 Episode 28 January 2021 15 Episode 3 February 2021 Episode

In July 2019 it was announced that the line webtoon True Beauty
This TV show will be renamed Com Television. The production team also revealed that these actors will be cast in August 2020 for the casting of Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yup in the lead roles of this TV show The first script reading of this was announced in October 2020 but due to Corona coming in December 2020, this TV show was stopped from filming. The first poster of the TV show was shown on 10 November 2020.

This TV show was made available on Amazon Prime Video on 21 October 2021 and was launched worldwide

Synopsis Dramacool True Beauty

Anyone who has ever felt self-conscious about their looks will find a soulmate in Im Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young). Although enthusiastic about most things, Joo Kyung secretly leads a double life when it comes to her looks.

With the help of internet beauty tutorials, Joo Kyung has mastered the art of makeup and transforms into a beautiful goddess every day with the skillful use of cosmetics. She is known as one of the most attractive girls in the class. Despite this, she lives in fear that her classmates will discover her true nature behind the makeup.

The only person at school who knows her ugly secret is Lee Soo Ho (Cha Eun Woo), an all-star student with natural good looks and a talent for basketball to boot. Extremely handsome, Soo Ho has won the hearts of all the girls in high school.

However, Joo Kyung isn’t the only one with secrets. Su Ho slowly but surely has something from her past.

Together, these two individuals not only begin to unravel each other’s secrets, but learn more about their true selves in the process.

The True Beauty drama is based on a long-running webtoon written by Yoongi called “The Secret of Angel (True Beauty)”. Now adapted into a full-fledged Korean drama featuring K-pop idol Cha Eun Woo among other popular celebrities, fans of the webtoon The Secret of Angel have something to look forward to.

“True Beauty” is a 2020 South Korean romantic comedy-drama series directed by Kim Sang-hyub.