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Watch Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool All Ep

Watch Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool

Friends, today we are going to talk about Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool, many people have a question that how can they watch this drama series Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool, so today I am going to tell you that you can watch this drama series. how can you see

Falling Into Your SmileThis is a type of Traditional Chinese Drama Streaming Television show which is very famous and is most watched in Taiwan. The release date of this Drama Series is 19 September 2020. Total 4 People were Cast in This Drama Series whose names are given below

  • Puff Kuo as Chen Zi Tong
  • Jiro Wang as Fang Zhi Sheng
  • Desmond Tan[3] as Chen Tian-Lin
  • Peng Yuchang as Fang Qing

Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool Details

The name of writer of this drama series is Pei-Yu Lin and this movie is directed by Choon Hooi Ker. Ching-Fang Lin. There is a total of 13 episodes in this drama series and the name of the producer of this thing is Kelly Kuo. Sin-Guei Wang. This movie was released on 19 Sep 2022 on TTV This series is available in Singapore on MeWATCH (Mediacorp TV Channel).

Falling Into You (Simplified Chinese: Because I Like You; Traditional Chinese: Because I Like You) is a Taiwanese drama streaming television show produced for Taiwan Television and broadcast internationally on Apple TV and Netflix. The channel has been featured on streaming platforms. Wiki. It premiered on 19 September 2020.

Falling Into You
  • Drama
Written by Pei-Yu Lin
Directed by
  • Choon Hooi Ker
  • Ching-Fang Lin
  • Puff Kuo
  • Jiro Wang
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language Mandarin
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 31
  • Kelly Kuo
  • Sin-Guei Wang
Running time 72 minutes
  • Taiwan television
  • Netflix
  • Viki
Original network
  • Taiwan Television
Original release 19 September 2020

Chen Zhi Tong (Puff Koo) is down on his luck. She was once a promising taekwondo athlete with hopes of competing in the Olympics, but suffered a knee injury from a scheming friend and an unfaithful boyfriend, causing her to back away from her sporting ambitions. Chen still dreams of returning to the competition but is forced to take a job as an employee at a startup delivery company, where she meets the young, successful CEO Feng Zi Sheng (Jiro Wang). She gets a job at their company’s head office, but Feng soon realizes that she is not interested in him. However, Feng Zhisheng suffers from hemophobia and is terrified of blood. Gradually the unorthodox pair begins to form a bond over the disease. Fang helps Chen rehabilitate his injury and encourages him to return to training, and she helps him face his fears.

Falling Into Your Smile Dramacool Review 

There haven’t been many e-sports dramas, but most that have aired have been very enjoyable for me. Falling Into Your Smile doesn’t have the most unique story, but at least I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the compelling drama, and it laid a strong foundation from start to finish. (The gaming scenes were also great, but also very skippable. The fans were ‘brought’ into the computer and we watched the fights.)

Adapted from the web novel ‘You’re Beautiful When You Smile’ by Qing Mei, Falling Into Your Smile explores the world of e-sports, a professional online gaming game that has begun to gain popularity around the world, especially in China. Like the play, the novel is full of sweet moments, and even though a few bits are tweaked here and there, the play is a pie that gives us the right ingredients and proportions, with no piece missing.

As I watch more dramas, one thing that always stands out is how much this drama has inspired me; Motivation to help someone or do something for yourself and the world, motivation that comes from a particular character or story. You are currently reading a review of a very inspiring story. Maybe not everyone feels this way, but your smile inspires and makes me so happy.

Falling Into Your Smile is probably the cutest and sweetest drama ever. (A girl who has watched 90 dramas is talking here!) While other dramas tend to focus more on the love story of the rom-com lead couple, the love story of Lu Sicheng (ML) and Tong Yao (FL) is also strong. With this perfectly balanced bromance, this strong friendship between ZGDX members not only brings smiles and laughter but also shows all sides of friendship from trust, to teamwork and forgiveness.

Unlike other e-sports dramas, however, Falling Into Your Smile explores the more vulnerable and hurtful side of idol fans. The characters suffered massive criticism on social media that threatened their well-being, self-confidence, and careers. While this issue is not new to us seasoned drama-goers, tension was everywhere during these scenes as we rooted for our favorite characters.

Boom! Xu Kai does it again. Amazing acting? Absolutely! (Leave those smirks and teasing…) This talented actor portrays Lu Sicheng, the supposed cold male lead, so well. Unlike other Drama cold male leads, however, Lu Sicheng gives off a lot of warm and especially caring vibes, qualities that make him a lovable male lead. Joo Kai definitely proved to us that he can pull off any role, going from a brash man to a cool but very caring modern male lead. Since Falling Into Your Smile was his first modern drama (apart from the republican drama Arsenal Military Academy), he certainly got off to an amazing start.

I don’t usually follow the lives of KPOP or CPOP celebrities, so when I started this drama, I knew very little about Cheng Jiao. But, just like her mesmerizing singing, her acting was very natural and downright cute! But although Tong Yao is cute and sunny, he is not in trouble at all. His feelings and actions are direct. Cheng Xiao gave her best performance as Tong Yao and although her performance was not the most charming, she took a big step forward in her acting career when she decided to play Tong Yao. When the scene is intense, so is its expression. Tong Yao’s stern and persistent expressions can turn anyone off, while her flirtatious yet intelligent side will make you want to be drawn to her side. I will definitely follow her future dramas as she definitely deserves more appreciation and attention from drama audiences,

This chemical is explosively strong and flammable. Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao couldn’t have done a better job of showing Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao’s cute and loving time together.

Without the supporting characters, Falling Into Your Smile wouldn’t have had the explosive spark it had. The pie is handed to us on a platter of gold: a cute main couple, another cute second couple, powerful bromance (from all teams, actually), and caring between Tong Yao and his ‘Gui Mi’ (best friend) Jin Yang. Friendship, and even family love. Have I really listed almost all the important relationships in our lives? Considering these relationships, the play is very rounded.

Please give me some more time to learn about Lu Sicheng’s comrades and best friends. That’s huh? The. The best! Instead of providing awkwardness in the case of our lead couple, it was essential to the progression of their relationship. Don’t even get me started on Lu Yu or Pang Zi. These guys are needs, not just some supporting characters you can throw into the mix, and they were expressed very well. We followed them on their journey of growth, realizing that success is never without failure. Oh, the lessons learned from dramas seem so simple!

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