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Watch Goblin Dramacool Latest Episode In English Subtitle

Goblin Dramacool Story

Goblin Dramacool:- “The Goblin’s Redemption” Is A Captivating Fantasy Drama That Follows The Journey Of Grindle, A Misunderstood Goblin, As He Embarks On A Path Of Self-discovery, Love, And Redemption In A World Where Goblins Are Feared And Despised.

Episode 1: A Curse Upon The Goblin

Grindle, A Gentle-hearted Goblin Residing In The Depths Of An Ancient Forest, Is Burdened By A Curse That Distorts His Appearance, Causing Him To Appear Terrifying And Monstrous To Humans. Despite His Inherent Goodness, Grindle Is Hunted And Feared By The Villagers Who Associate Goblins With Misfortune. One Fateful Day, Grindle Rescues Lily, A Young Girl, From A Perilous Fall, And She Sees Beyond His Exterior, Recognizing The Kindness Within Him.

Episode 2: An Unexpected Friendship

Lily, Fascinated By Grindle’s Brave Act, Befriends Him, Despite The Disapproval Of Her Family And Friends. As She Learns About The Curse Afflicting Him, Lily Becomes Determined To Help Him Break Free From Its Grasp. Together, They Uncover An Ancient Legend That Speaks Of A Powerful Artifact Known As The Heartstone, Capable Of Granting Wishes.

Episode 3: The Quest For The Heartstone

Filled With Hope, Grindle And Lily Embark On A Perilous Journey To Find The Heartstone. Along Their Path, They Encounter Numerous Challenges And Face Dangers From Both Human Adversaries And Supernatural Forces. Their Quest Leads Them To Cross Paths With Alistair, An Enigmatic Sorcerer, Who Agrees To Guide Them In Their Search. Alistair Reveals That The Heartstone Is Concealed Deep Within A Treacherous Goblin Kingdom.

Episode 4: Confronting The Goblin King

Grindle And Lily Arrive At The Goblin Kingdom, Only To Be Met With Hostility From The Ruling Goblin King, Kragor. The King, Nursing Years Of Resentment Towards Humans, Views Their Presence As An Opportunity To Unleash His Wrath. In Order To Succeed, Grindle And Lily Must Convince The Goblin Community Of Their Pure Intentions While Navigating The Dangerous Intrigues Of The Goblin Court.

Episode 5: Love And Sacrifice

As Grindle And Lily Draw Closer To The Hearthstone, Their Feelings For Each Other Deepen. Their Connection Becomes A Source Of Strength As They Face Mounting Obstacles Along Their Path. However, They Soon Uncover A Devastating Truth—the Curse Can Only Be Broken If Grindle Sacrifices His Own Existence. Caught Between His Love For Lily And His Longing For Freedom From The Curse, Grindle Must Make An Agonizing Choice.

Episode 6: The Redemption Of The Goblin

In The Climactic Final Showdown, Grindle Confronts The Goblin King, Risking Everything To Obtain The Heartstone. With The Artifact’s Power, He Shatters The Curse, Revealing His True Form—a Benevolent And Handsome Creature. Witnessing This Transformation, The Goblin Kingdom Realizes The Error Of Their Ways. Inspired By Grindle’s Redemption, The Goblins Strive To Change Their Prejudiced Views And Seek Harmony With Humans.

“The Goblin’s Redemption” Is A Heartwarming Tale That Delves Into Themes Of Acceptance, Love, And The Potential For Redemption Within Misunderstood Beings. As The Story Unfolds, Grindle And Lily’s Journey Reminds Viewers That True Beauty Resides Within The Heart And That Compassion And Kindness Have The Power To Overcome Prejudice And Fear.

Goblin Dramacool Cast

Main RoleActor/Actress
Kim ShinGong Yoo
Ji Eun TakKim Go Eun
Grim ReaperLee Dong Wook
SunnyYoo In Na
Yoo Deok HwaYook Sung Jae
Support RoleActor/Actress
Samshin LadyLee El
Yoo Shin Woo [Duk Hwa’s grandfather]Kim Sung Kyum
Park Joong Hun [Goryeo eunuch]Kim Byung Chul
Kim Do YoungJo Woo Jin
Ji Yun Sook [Eun Tak’s aunt]Yeom Hye Ran
Park Kyung Shik [Eun Tak’s cousin]Jung Young Ki
Park Kyung Mi [Eun Tak’s cousin]Choi Ri
Grim Reaper’s juniorChoi Woong
Batch 21 Grim ReaperJo Hyun Shik
Grim ReaperKim Ki Doo
Batch 23 Grim ReaperKim Chang Hwan
Batch 23 Grim Reaper / Court ladyYoon Da Young
Kim Yoo Na [Eun Tak’s class president]Go Bo Gyeol
Park Soo Jin [Eun Tak’s class bully]Kim Min Young
Ji Eun Tak [Young]Han Seo Jin
Yoo Deok Hwa [Child] / Yoo Geum Sun [Kim Shin’s servant]Jung Ji Hoon
Sunny’s friendKim Seo Jung
Hwang Mi YoungKim Baek Ri
Byun Joo HyunUnknown
Kim Nan HeeUnknown
Eun Tak’s teacherKim Nan Hee

How To Download Goblin Dramacool

  1. Open A Web Browser On Your Computer Or Mobile Device And Navigate To The Official Dramacool Website At
  2. Use The Search Bar Located In The Top Right Corner Of The Website And Enter “Goblin” As Your Search Query.
  3. Click On The Search Result That Corresponds To The “Goblin” Drama.
  4. On The Drama Page, You Will Find A List Of Episodes Available. Select The Specific Episode You Wish To Download.
  5. Scroll Down The Episode Page Until You Locate The Video Player. Right-click On The Video Player, And Depending On Your Browser, Choose The Option “Save Video As” Or “Save Target As.”
  6. A Dialog Box Will Appear, Prompting You To Choose The Destination Folder On Your Computer Or Mobile Device Where You Want To Save The Downloaded Episode. Select A Folder And Provide A Desired Name For The File.
  7. Click The “Save” Button To Initiate The Download Process.
  8. Wait For The Download To Complete. The Duration Of The Download Will Vary Based On Your Internet Connection Speed.
  9. Once The Download Is Finished, You Will Have The Selected Episode Of “Goblin” Saved On Your Computer Or Mobile Device. You Can Now Watch It Offline At Your Convenience.

Disclaimer:- It Is Important To Note That Downloading Copyrighted Content Without Proper Authorization May Violate The Rights Of The Content Owner. Ensure That You Comply With The Copyright Laws Of Your Country And Obtain The Necessary Permissions Before Downloading Any Copyrighted Material.

How To Watch Goblin Dramacool

  1. On your computer or mobile device, launch a web browser.
  2. By entering “” in the address bar and pressing Enter, you can access the Dramacool website.
  3. When you arrive at the Dramacool website, look for the search field in the page’s upper right corner.
  4. To begin the search, enter “Goblin” in the search bar and hit Enter, or click the magnifying glass button.
  5. Choose the “Goblin” drama from the search results list that corresponds to the year 2016.
  6. You will be directed to the drama page, which has a list of the episodes that are currently available for “Goblin.”
  7. By clicking on it, you may select the particular episode you wish to view.
  8. When you reach the video player on the episode page, scroll down.
  9. To begin streaming the episode, click the play button in the video player.

Enjoy watching “Goblin” on Dramacool while you unwind in your seat! For a better watching experience, you can use the player’s video controls to pause, play, change the volume, or switch to full-screen mode.

For lag-free streaming, make sure your internet connection is strong. Additionally, it’s critical to respect the intellectual property rights of content providers and be informed of copyright regulations in your nation.

Goblin Dramacool Trailer

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