Malabar Lottery Result Today 03-06-2023

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Malabar Lottery Result Today Timing

Malabar Lottery Result is declared daily at five different times. The first result of the Malabar Lottery is declared at 10:30 am, the second result is declared at 12:30 pm, the third result is declared at 2:00 pm and The fourth result is declared at 5:00 pm and the last result means the fifth result is declared at 7:00 pm, so in this way, the results of this lottery are declared at different times daily and the players who are He likes to come at these times and see the result

Tickets Prize
3 Digit 27,000
2 Digit 1,000
1 Digit 100

Malabar Lottery Prize

If we talk about the price of the Malabar Lottery, then there are a total of 3 prices in it, if you win the first prize then you get a reward of about ₹ 27000 and if you give its second prize then you get a reward of ₹ 1000. And in this, if you win the third prize, then you get only and only ₹ 100, so if you win the first prize, then it is very good for you because, in the second and third prizes, you get almost no money. The game depends entirely on luck, if your luck is good then you can get the first prize.

In this lottery total three-digit is declared for the first price and 2-digit number is declared for the second price and the last means the third price 1 digit number is declared if you get 3 digit number If yes, then you are given a reward of ₹ 27000.

How To Play Malabar Lottery

Friends, if you want to play Malabar Lottery, then let me tell you how you can play this game, then first of all you have to find out whether this lottery is allowed to play in your city or Then don’t see, this type of games have been banned in many cities of India where you cannot play this game but many cities have been allowed and licensed to play this game. You can play this type of game in cities. If your city is allowed to play this game, then first of all you have to find out which retailer is near you and has the ticket to selling this game. The license has been given for this, you buy from the same retailer who has a license and who is allowed, what will happen is that you will not be cheated, you have bought the ticket by paying the appropriate amount by going to that retailer and whenever its result comes So to see the result, if you get the price in the result, then you go to that retailer again and tell him that my first or second price has come. Yes, as soon as you go to the operator, you will get the won amount, so in this way, you can play this game in your city.

How To Win Malabar Lottery Result

Friends, if you want to win the Malabar Lottery, then let me tell you that this game is completely dependent on luck, there are no tips and tricks in it, by which you can win this game by using it. You have to buy as many tickets as you can, if you buy more tickets, your chances of winning will increase, so to win this game, buy as many tickets as you can.

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How To Check The Malabar Lottery Result?

If you want to see the result of the Malabar Lottery first, then I tell you some steps, by following you can see its result the fastest

  1. First of all, you go to its official website
  2. After visiting its official website, you will get to see the result there
  3. You can also download and keep the PDF of that result
  4. There you will get to see the results of five draws

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