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Story Of Penthouse Season 3 Dramacool

In The Popular Drama Series “Penthouse Season 3 dramacool,” Su Ryeon Has Successfully Taken Revenge On The Residents Of Hera Palace, Who Lost All Their Wealth By Investing In Cheonsoo District. Adding Insult To Injury, They Are Now Facing Court Charges For Covering Up Seol A’s Death. This Has Led To A Total Loss Of Everything They Held Dear..

Su Ryeon Feels Relieved And Satisfied With Her Victory Over Dan Tae, Who Had Previously Attempted To Kill Her. However, Her Moment Of Peace Is Short-lived When She Witnesses The Unexpected Death Of Logan. This Leaves Her Questioning Who Could Be Behind The Sinister Plot Against Him.

Despite The Many Setbacks They’ve Faced, The Hera Palace Residents Remain Determined To Seek Revenge Against Those Who Have Wronged Them In The Past. It Remains To Be Seen What Their Next Move Will Be And How They Plan To Strike Back Against Su Ryeon And Others Who Have Crossed Them.

Details Of Penthouse Season 3 Dramacool

Drama Title:The Penthouse 3
Revised Romanization:Penthouse 3
Hangul:펜트하우스 3
Writer:Kim Sun-Ok
Release Date:June 4 – September 10, 2021
Runtime:Fridays, 22:00-23:10
Country:South Korea

“The Penthouse 3” Is A Korean Drama Series That Has Gained Widespread Popularity As The Third And Final Installment Of The “The Penthouse” Franchise. Written By Kim Soon Ok And Directed By Joo Dong Min, The Show Falls Under Multiple Genres, Including Thriller, Mystery, Crime, And Drama. Its Storyline Is Filled With Suspenseful Moments, Intense Rivalries, And A Thirst For Revenge Among The Characters.

The Series Is Set In The Luxurious Hera Palace, Where The Wealthy And Ambitious Residents Will Stop At Nothing To Maintain Their High-class Status. The Show’s Plot Is Designed To Keep Audiences On The Edge Of Their Seats, With Twists And Turns In Every Episode. “The Penthouse 3” Also Explores Social Issues Related To Wealth And Class, Making It A Thought-provoking And Engaging Series For Viewers. If You’re A Fan Of Thrilling Dramas With An Intricate Plot And Excellent Cast, “The Penthouse 3” Is A Must-watch.

Penthouse Season 3 Dramacool Synopsis

“The Penthouse 3” Is A Korean Drama Series That Showcases The Residents Of Hera Palace, Who Are Driven By Their Greed And Ambition To Maintain Their High-class Status. Su Ryeon Finally Succeeds In Taking Her Revenge On The Residents, Causing Them To Suffer Devastating Consequences For Their Actions. However, The Show Takes A Twist When Su Ryeon Witnesses Logan’s Unexpected Death, Which Brings A New Layer Of Suspense To The Story.

The Show Is Full Of Twists And Turns, With A Focus On The Intense Rivalry And Revenge Between The Characters. It Also Touches On Social Issues Related To Wealth And Class, Providing A Thought-provoking Storyline. With Its Gripping Plot, “The Penthouse 3” Is A Must-watch For Anyone Who Loves Suspenseful And Thrilling Dramas.

Cast Of Penthouse Season 3 Dramacool

EugeneKim So Yeon
Eugene (young)Jin Ji Hee
Ae ShinLee Ji Ah
Kim Hee SungUhm Ki Joon
Kudo HinaShin Eun Kyung
Kim Joon KyungBong Tae Gyu
Go Sang JoonYoon Jong Hoon
Kudo TomoYoon Joo Hee
Goo Dong MaeOn Ju Wan
Lee Kang OkPark Ho San
Haman-daekAhn Yun Hong
Takashi MoriHa Do Kwon
Min Young IkKim Dong Kyu
SeraKim Hyun Soo
Kim Min JungHan Ji Hyun
Takashi’s wifeChoi Ye Bin
Eugene’s fatherLee Tae Vin
Sera’s motherNa So Ye
Eugene’s motherUnknown

The Popular South Korean Television Drama “The Penthouse” Was Released For Three Seasons. There Were 21 Episodes In The First Season, Which Was Released On Mondays And Tuesdays At 10:00 Pm Korean Standard Time (Kst) From October 26, 2020, To January 5, 2021. 3.35 Million People On Average Checked In To See The Show.

The 13-episode Second Season Of “The Penthouse” Aired On Fridays And Saturdays At 10:00 Pm Kst From February 19, 2021, To April 2, 2021. The Most Watched Of The Three Was This Season, With An Average Audience Of 4.67 Million.

The Third And Final Season Of “The Penthouse” Started On June 4, 2021, And Finished With 14 Episodes On September 10, 2021. It Had An Average Audience Of 3.39 Million And Was Broadcast On Fridays At 10:00 Pm Kst. “The Penthouse” Has Received Glowing Reviews For Its Story, Thorough Character Development, And Excellent Cast Work.

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