Watch Kinnporsche Ep 4 Eng Sub

Kinnporsche Ep 4 Eng SubKinnporsche Ep 4 Eng Sub

Kinnporsche Ep 4 Eng Sub:- Kinn Therapanyakul, the second son of a mafia boss, is on the run from an enemy when he meets Porsche, an enterprising young bartender. Porsche agrees to pay the price to save Kinne from her attackers. Impressed by Porsha’s martial arts skills and encouraged by his father, Kin tries to hire Porsha as one of his personal bodyguards. Despite attempts at intimidation, Porsche protests and declines Kin’s offer. He accepts and moves to the Therapanyakul property until Porsha’s family home and his ability to care for his brother are threatened. It’s not an easy transition into unconventional, violent work, and her relationship with Kin is strained and volatile. Her job becomes even more important when her feelings about the relationship take an unexpected turn.

The entire wait for the Kinneporsch was truly worth it. You can see the difference between the first trailer and the second trailer. Also, the actors put in a lot of dedication and hard work in this show. I’m telling you, you’re going to love it. Especially if you are a BL crazy fan. Seriously, 3 amazing directors working together is a very satisfying result. And let me tell you if your favorite characters will be Porsche or Keen but in the end, it will always be Vegas.

Highly recommended. Just… prepare for a thrilling ride


Details Of Kinnporsche Ep 4 Eng Sub

Drama KinnPorsche
Country Thailand
Episodes 14
Aired April 02, 2022 – July 09, 2022
Aired On Saturday
Original Network iQiyi And GMM One
Duration 60 Min
Genres Romance, Crime, Drama, And Action
Score 8.2
Ranked 1080
Popularity 170
Watchers 50,000

Kinnporsche Ep 4 Eng Sub Production

In September 2020, the production company Filmania announced that the web-novel Kinn Porsche Story: would be adapted into a television series. After releasing the teaser trailer in January 2021, Filmmania held a press conference and traditional puja ceremony to launch the project in March.
In early July 2021, the original web novel writing duo Demi announced her departure from Filmania.

In late August 2021, production company Is On Cloud released a new teaser and the title of the series was shortened to KinPorsche: The Series. In November 2021, a press conference was held where the new cast members were officially confirmed and a collaboration with the rock band Slot Machine was announced. Also in November, it was announced that Kinporsh would be iQIYI’s first Thai original series.

In March 2022 it was announced that iQIYI would release an uncut version called Kinporsche: La Forte.