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Once Upon A Time In My Heart Dramacool Full HD All Ep

Once Upon A Time In My Heart Dramacool: To make the wait a little more bearable for this larkhorn-obsessed person, I’ve put together a reference guide for Once Upon a Time in My Heart. Do you know what a cliff note is like in literary fiction? We’ll consider this our go-to reference guide, complete with a cast of characters, character analysis, and any in-depth discussions we have about these lakorns. I will continue to add to this guide as we have just begun what is a journey through this torn land we call the world of Daniel and Fahsai. But we all know that there is one character, in particular, that has fueled fangirling and his name is Daniel (Mick). Well then, it blows your mind.

I think his character has made fans excited for me. The direction, writing, and acting work together, so you can be sure that the whole journey is enjoyable, not just because of Mick. Because let’s be real, we can talk about an actor until the cow comes home, but if the story is flimsy (for lack of a better word), and the writing is weak, it’s really hard to keep going, even if you are. Taking one for the team. Should be a complete package of lakhs for me. Call me fickle and this show has it.

Once Upon A Time In My Heart Dramacool About:

Title: Kala Datti Maritti (Karna La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai); Hindi- Once upon a time in my heart
Based on the book of the same name by Chaypeem aka Toffee
Channel 7 / Mongkol Kan Lakorn Productions / Tawan Jarunjinda (Notable Mention: This is the first Lakorn for this actor-producer!)
OST- Karn La Krung Neung Nai Hua Jai ​​by Stamp Foot Palmy. Watch the ENG Sub MV here.
The raw video can be viewed here.
Recaps are available on this blog Wednesday-Thursday. At Eng Subs by Neko.
Aired on July 28, 2016. 12 episodes in total.
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Character Highlights:

Daniel Wong (Mick Tongaraya) – Hero. The leader of the Mungkorn Thong (Golden Dragon) gang is of Thai/Chinese descent in Hong Kong. Prefers to lead his flock according to legal and moral standards, which are too high for his papacy. But he is a principled man and takes seriously those who betray his faith, as we see in the first episode where he shoots Botan, his first love. She dies, but whether she dies at his hands remains to be seen. Daniel is a handsome devil, he attracts girls like a bee to honey, but he is a ladies’ man and does not give in to temptation. He also has an amazing and loyal team that can and will do anything for him, but that’s because he leads by example. Calm and quiet like water, but exceptionally strong like steel. There can be no better hero in the world of Lakhorn.

FAHSAI (Pimmi Pimrapa) – Heroine. Erand Girl and aspiring writer for Lola Magazine. She lives a small life with her parents who run an outdoor restaurant. But one day she is dumped by her boyfriend of 10 years and moves to Japan where her life changes forever. They say that somewhere in a different part of this world you have a twin and his visible heavenly botan. Fahsai rescues an alien she calls Mr. Giant because he refuses to tell her his name. But she spends a few nights with a stranger and has to be separated, though the experience and the kiss stay with her. What’s more, she’s inspired to write a story about how a HK mafia falls in love with a Thai girl, but in the end, even though they don’t get along, they’re happy once they do. Let’s hope this isn’t indicative of his fate. Fahsai is soft-hearted but very strong, a side that Daniel finds attractive about her. She falls in love with Daniel based on his abilities, but also his beautiful heart..body..mind..and his face.

BOTAN (played by Pimmy Pimrapah) – grew up with both Daniel and Chernming and was the middleman in their arguments. She ends up with Daniel but dies due to some unknown betrayal. Not much is known about him, but he caused a lot of pain to Daniel and Charming.

Chernming (Boom Piyapan) – Hero’s rival and former bestie. Also Suer Khao (White Tiger) tribe leader due to severe stress. An artist at heart but a fearless leader must take over after her father is murdered and her older brother becomes mentally deranged – she blames her fate on Daniel and sets out to exact revenge. Swear hottie wears her heart on her sleeve, passionate and sometimes irrational. If Daniel is water, then he is fire, trying to burn anyone he knows will harm him. He also harbors a grudge against Daniel because of his unrequited love for Botan, and now, Daniel becomes another rival for Fahsai, like his new (perhaps another unrequited love) Botan.

PUI FAI (Namwan Ranpon) – Fahsai’s lawyer, older sister and the best friend a girl could ask for. He is a firecracker but loyal to a fault. This woman knows what she wants and goes after it, whether it’s work or love. She is also Fahsai’s colleague and mentor. She connects with Chern Pyu through similar childhood trauma—both having lost their families—and is her replacement.

Chern Pyu (Make Juti) – Daniel’s right hand man. He is a former member of Suer Khao, but was taken under Daniel’s (Mungkorn Thong) wing when his own gang murdered his family to oust his father (the then leader of Suer Khao). The people who killed his family are his own uncle and cousin, Chernming’s father and elder brother, but Chernming doesn’t know this. Chern Pyu wants to die but Daniel gives him a new purpose in life and he dedicates himself to the boss. Despite being very much alive, Chern Piu doesn’t know how to live, until he meets Pui Phi who says it’s okay to smile and laugh and live like a normal person. Chern Pyu is a hot-headed and stubborn man, but loyal to a fault. He cares about his boss so much that he redoes the backend and protects his boss from any painful information. If he can take away the pain, he will.

Doctor. Eit (Nontapan) – Fahsai’s ex-boyfriend. He is her Dr. Cheats with Kwan, who he thinks has greener grass. He is timid and does not have the courage to come in front of people.

Doctor. Kwan (Anisa) – Dr. Fiancé of Eet and apparently mortal enemy of Fahsai. She is competitive and has a complex – always afraid that she is not #1. She thinks that because of her family status, professional status and beauty, she can have any man she looks like. After stealing Dr. Eat, Daniel takes an interest in Fahsai so he puts his hat on him instead. And it just won’t do.

Tiang Kong (Supagon Gitsuwan) – Chernming’s right-hand man, and the man who has been there since the beginning. Because he also served the late leader, I’m still not convinced of his motives – like I don’t know if I can trust him, he seems a bit arrogant. However, it’s clear that he trusts Chernming, and that’s probably why Manchild hates Daniel to this day.

Chuan Chom (Duang Dao) – Fahsai’s mother. She guides Fahsai in problem solving, critical thinking and finding the truth for himself. At this point Mohawk-Fahsai is the shipper because he suspects Daniel to be some kind of powerful mafia. As always, he is spot on.

Kevin (Montrie) – Fahsai’s father. He is a flirt but loves his wife very much. Currently the shipper of Daniel-Fahsai. scolds Dr. Eat, and an adorable father.

Chern Siow He Ya (Nantasai Fitslyabut) – Chernming’s older brother who lost his mind. We see through flashbacks that he is merciless and merciless. It was he who killed Chern Pew’s mother and burned her father alive. Currently, he is under the care of his younger brother, afraid of his own shadow.

Wong Foi (Lake Isun) – Daniel’s father, and likes to control the situation in the background. If he finds that his son is not doing his best to protect the best interests of the tribe, he will take matters into his own hands. Gang over to the boy who admits – and maybe this will lead to his son going through a meltdown – that he hunted and killed anyone who got in the way of Mungkorn Thong’s prosperity. Daniel doesn’t inherit Daddy’s ruthlessness, but he does inherit good looks and stubbornness, because he’s not afraid to give Daddy-O a piece of his mind.

Parima (Anyasan) – Daniel’s mother, she seems like a kind, compassionate mother. Daniel must have inherited his generosity and patronage of the weak-minded.

Doctor. APIWAT (Paboon) – Dr. Owner of Khau and Quan working hospital. He lets his daughter crush dreams and break hearts at will.

Ramayat (Komsan Nantjit) – Editor-in-chief of Lola magazine. He is responsible and a source of strength for his employees. But from time to time, he may threaten the writer for the best interest of the firm. Now, his firm has been saved by Daniel – and he doesn’t know why – he’s convinced that the big dragon is attracted to the little fish aka Fahsai. Ramayat is smart and will find a way to ensure that his firm… stands on firm ground?

Nu Tra (Sopitsuda) – Chief’s assistant and friend of Fahsai and Puifai. These are the Lola Gang or the Powerpuff Girls. She has a crush on Officer Thep, but is not as confident or lucky as her two friends. She wants to be in the limelight as an assistant, but is too scared to do anything about it. He’s a comedic sidekick who, through his own expression, is what we really are on this show.

Oliver (Rattamanoon) – Hong Kong cop who takes Daniel to court for the Black Book. But when Daniel says he’s not ready to give it up, Oliver panics and decides to play for another team.

Officer Thep (Tapanat) – Inspector from BKK who is currently chasing down foreign gangs wreaking havoc in Thailand. He has a crush on Fahsai, and it doesn’t help that Daniel (his suspect) flirts with his crush.

Nu D (Pratampone) – Marketing Lead. She is one of the top gossipers and a staunch opponent of gossip. Deep down it’s just jealousy. She is Dr. Also spies for Kwan.

Jane (Ratwan) – Assistant to the Marketing Lead. She partners with Nu Dee to intimidate Fahsai at work.

Parchai (Chat Mongkon) – Suer Khao is rented at BKK. However, he prefers to run away from the order, as he is a ruthless gangster of BKK and prefers to do real work like murders and robberies rather than playing games for some love-driven little boss.

Chern Hao (Tanongsak) – Chernming’s father. He has died. But he was scary enough when he was alive.

Chern Jong (Sursak) – Chern Pyu’s father. He also died, but a good leader for Suer Khao while alive.

Once upon a time
Summary of the story

We have two rival gangs in Hong Kong, Mungkorn Thong and Suer Khao, who are being pitted against each other by an unknown third party. Before long they seemed to get along well, in fact, the sons of each leader were good friends. In the world of gang leaders, however, when one falls, there is always another. The lines of good versus evil are blurred and it matters who comes out. Currently, the big dog in town is Mungkorn Thong, led by Daniel Wang. He tries to make peace with Suer Khao, as Chernming is his former best friend, but he is still a business man at heart and reveals all of Suer Khao’s dealings and ownership gang information in exchange for the “Black Book”. While detailing the information, Daniel wants to usurp all of Suer Khao’s business.

Chernming says thanks but no thanks. He finds his own means to retrieve the Black Book and it is in Fahsai. After rescuing his father, he makes a deal with Daniel for his help in obtaining the Black Book. Fahsai can’t think of another way to get out of debt so she agrees against her better judgment, because she cares for Daniel, but she loves her father more. She is torn between the two boys, in that she wishes they could forgive each other and hold hands again, but she would take Daniel over Chernoming any day. Part of him decides to help Chernming because he says that if he finds the Black Book, he can get rid of the gang forever. His efforts will be futile as there is a greater power at play here, as every time Chernming gets close, thinking that maybe Danielle isn’t a bad person, he gives her his heart.

Daniel, on the other hand, strives to take his gang to the next level in terms of legal and ethical standards. But when you have a deep-rooted gang that gets there by doing illegal and unethical things, it’s hard to straighten them out. The main conflict is between Daniel-Chernming, Daniel-Dadiyo, Daniel-Suer Khao minions and Daniel-Fahsai. The paradox above will test her deepest desires, because if you don’t have that complex base in your heart, can you really try and make progress alone? Is there anything left to live for? There are so many lonely people in this show, I just want to hold their hand and sing kumbaya.

Romance and relationships

I’m sending Daniel and Fahsai hard. Not because they look good together, although they do, but because their feelings are mutual and they’ve let it be since the beginning of the show. I love that the attraction and mutual feelings are established early on so we can see how their love develops and whether they grow stronger or fall apart over time. I love how Daniel tries to stay away, not to mention his life would be less chaotic, less dangerous if he lived his normal life. I think that normalcy is something that Daniel strives for and won’t take away from anyone. So he decides to choose love, deciding he’s going to go to Thailand to save Fahsai (and by default Lola Magazine), then taking all precautions and openly expressing his love for her. Your mind is made up. Now he