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Watch The King Eternal Monarch Dramacool Full Ep

The King Eternal Monarch Dramacool Full Ep

The King Eternal Monarch Dramacool: Eternal Monarch is a 2020 Korean romantic-fantasy South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Kyung-nam, Jung Eun-cha, and Lee Jung-jin. Written by Kim Eun-suk and produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures and its parent company Studio Dragon, the series premiered on April 17, 2020, to a global audience on SBS TV and Netflix.

Set in two parallel worlds, the series follows Emperor Lee Gon of the Empire of Korea, who after crossing a mythical door opened by his step-uncle Lee Lim, gains access to an alternate reality where the Republic of Korea exists as a kingdom. And Lee sets out to put an end to Lim’s atrocities and retrieve the other half of the Manpsikjok used as a portal between the two worlds.

The series was hailed as the most anticipated series of the first half of 2020 due to its cast, screenwriters, extensive promotion, and production budget, the series set the record for SBS’s highest 2020 Friday–Saturday drama premiere ratings. It held the No. 1 spot on the Weekly Waveway Drama Chart for eight consecutive weeks and is the most popular Korean drama series on Netflix in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, and the U.S. was listed as the most popular Korean drama series in was one of the first two in the series. The latter episode received mixed reviews and lower-than-expected domestic TV viewership ratings, with the news media attributing it to competition from streaming platforms and criticizing its script, production, and various controversies.

Lee Gon, the modern-day emperor of the Kingdom of Korea, attempts to overcome the barrier and enter an alternate reality where the Republic of Korea exists in place of the Kingdom. He meets detective Jung Tae-yul, whom he recognizes from the identity card he received at a turning point in his childhood: the murder of his father. Lee Gon’s half-uncle, Lee Lim, who assassinated the previous king, Lee Ho (Lee Gon’s father), is hiding and gathering troops as he moves back and forth between two parallel worlds.

Lee Gon: Third King of the Kingdom of Korea. He is a mathematician and a sailor. He is a strict and restrained person. He is sensitive when touched by others and does not easily leave his suspicions on anyone. He often left the palace grounds to indulge his inquisitive mind or to escape the palace life. For him, the Royal Palace represents the security of home, but it is also his deadliest battlefield. When he was eight years old, he had his father killed by his step-uncle, Lee Lim. When he was executed, he was saved by an unknown person with Jeong Tae-il’s identity card.
Lee Ji-hun: Lee Gon’s counterpart in the Republic of Korea. He was murdered by Lee Lim when he was still a child after Lee escaped to the Republic of Korea after Lee Ho was murdered.

Kim Go-un as Jeong Tae-yul / Luna
Kim Si-woo as young Jeong Tae-yul
Lee Ye-young as Luna (ep. 16)

Jeong Tae-eul: A police officer holds the position of inspector (equivalent to lieutenant in the Korean Armed Forces) in Violent Crime Squad Three of the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea. He has a strong will and a strong personality. As a child, she was interested in crime TV shows which led her to become a detective.
Luna: Jung Tae-il’s counterpart who is a criminal in the Korean state. Shortly after her birth, she was abandoned in a slum in Busan. Apart from parentage and identity, no official records document his existence. As she got older, her arrest record included burglary, breaking and entering, assault and forgery. Her incarceration led to her being legally documented as Luna, a name she named after a stray cat she ran into in the slums. Furthermore, he is suffering from terminal cancer that has caused organ failure and has only a few months left to live.

Woo Do-hwan as Jo Yong / Jo Eun-sup
Jung Si-yul as Young Jo Yong
Jo Yeong: Captain of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Korea and childhood friend of Lee Gon. He projects a sharp demeanor and strict professionalism. Jo Yong first met Lee Gon at his coronation ceremony when he was four years old. They share bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Jo Yong regards Lee Gon as his country and its law, which he must always protect.
Jo Eun-sup: Jo Yeong’s counterpart who is currently performing his mandatory military duties as a guard for the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea. He is witty, free-spirited, and cheerful. He wants to be discharged as soon as possible. He cares deeply for his younger twin siblings, Eun-bi and Kaka-bi, and often helps them take care of their parents. He also has a crush on his childhood friend Myeong Na-ri..

Kim Kyung-nam as Kang Shin-jae / Kang Hyeon-mino
Moon Woo-jin as young Kang Shin-jae and young Kang Hyeon-mino
Kang Shin-Jae: A detective in Violent Crime Squad Three of the Korean National Police Agency. She has had a crush on Jung Tae-ul since her high school days. Although he initially had an ideal childhood, his father was imprisoned for adultery and his mother soon became a victim of gambling, which strained their relationship.

Kang Hyon-min: Kang Shin-Jae’s counterpart in the Kingdom of Korea.

Jung Eun-che as Koo Seo-ryong / Koo Eun-ah
Shin-soo-Yeon as young Koo Seo-Seung
Koo Seo-Seong: The youngest and first female Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Korea. Despite being born into a broken family, with an alcoholic father and a hard-working mother who ran a fish cake shop, she worked hard and became an announcer. Although charming, confident, and independent, she is also extremely ambitious and greedy. She married KU Group chairman Cho before divorcing him for alimony. She became a diplomat and later Prime Minister. Even after becoming the prime minister, her ambition knows no bounds and she now wants to become the kingdom of Korea.

Koo Eun-ah: Koo Seo-ryong’s counterpart in the Republic of Korea.
Lee Jung-jin Prince Imperial Geum, Lee Lim / Lee Seong-jae
Lee Lim is King Lee Ho’s illegitimate half-brother and Lee Gon’s half-uncle. He wishes to obtain the Manpasikjek, a legendary flute, which he believes will allow him to attain eternal life. He kills King Li Ho and young Li Gon grabs the flute before breaking it with the Four Tiger Sword. With half a flute, he escapes to a parallel universe and kills his counterpart in an alternate reality. Their goal is to use the other half of the flute, now in Lee Gon’s possession, to its full potential after releasing it, allowing him to travel through multiple realities and times.

On 7 May 2019, Hawa and Dam Pictures officially announced the production of the series. Along with the announcement of the series, it was also confirmed that Kim Eun-suk and Baek Sang-hun will write and direct the series, respectively. Later, it was reported that Jung Ji-Hyun would also be involved in directing the series. On May 8, 2020, while the series was still airing, it was revealed that Yoo Jae-Won would be joining the production as director.

The series’ total production costs were reported to exceed 30 billion won (US$25 million), which the production company was able to recover through a broadcast deal with SBS and a foreign licensing agreement with Netflix prior to the premiere of the first episode.

On May 7, 2019, Hwa & Dam Pictures confirmed that Lee Min-ho will star again alongside writer Kim Eun-suk, with whom he previously collaborated on the SBS hit series, The Heirs (2013). On the 20th, it was announced that Kim Go-Eun would play the female lead, reuniting the actress with Kim, with whom she previously collaborated on the hit series Guardians: The Lonely and Great God (2016). On June 3, Woo Do-hwan was confirmed to play the dual roles of Jo Eun-sup and Jo Yeong. On June 10, Son Seok-gu and Jang Eun-cha were offered roles in the series, with Son deciding not to appear in the series and Jang confirming her role. A week later, Kim Kyung-Nam confirmed his role.

The series also serves as a reunion for Lee Min-ho and Kim Young-ok, who had an on-screen relationship in the KBS hit series, Boys Over Flowers (2009).

The first script reading took place on 17 September 2019, while principal photography began on 23 October 2019 and ended seven months later on 28 May 2020. Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun filmed their first scene together at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. Temple scenes featuring Lee Jung-jin paintings were shot at Saseongnam Temple, located in Mount Osan, Guri. The Busan train station featured in Kingdom of Korea is not the actual Busan station, instead, it was filmed at the Yeosu exhibition after the production team changed the labeling of the building.

The rowing competition scene was filmed at Misari Regatta, a boat racing track and park in Hanam City, Gyeonggi Province, about 20 km east of Seoul, built for the 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Summer Olympics. The scene where Lee Min-ho chases the ‘white rabbit’ barefoot was filmed at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO). The horse riding scenes were filmed at Mungwang Reservoir, Gosan and Dadepo Beach, Busan. Scenes were also shot at Sono Felice Vivaldi Park Equestrian Club.

One of the major filming locations of the series is the Bamboo Forest, which is the gateway to both worlds. The related scenes were shot in the Ahopsan Bamboo Forest in Busan. Some scenes were filmed at the Taepyeong Salt Farm on Jeongdo Island in Sinan. An autumn-themed park scene was filmed at Jungri Sports Park, Daegu. Scenes were also shot at Woljeongyo Bridge in the city of Gyeongju, one of the country’s most popular tourist cities for cultural heritage. A scene where Lee Min-ho attends a funeral in episode 4 was filmed at Daegu’s Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, a Catholic cathedral in Gesan, Daegu City, which was built in 1902. Some scenes in the series were shot at Munson Cathedral. Precincts at Jinju. Scenes were also filmed at Busan National Gugak Center and Chungmu Traditional Market.

The original soundtrack features popular artists such as Hwasa, Davichi and Gami, lyricist Gami composed the music for 7 singles and wrote 4 of the 13 songs featured in the series. The full soundtrack album was released on June 12, 2020, the same day the previous episode aired.

Part 1 of the original soundtrack was released on April 18, 2020, featuring the single “I Just Want to Stay With You” by Zion.t, followed by the single “Orbit” by Mamamoo’s Hwasa (Part 2). On the second weekend of airing the next day, the singles “Gravity” by Kim Jong-wan (episode 3) and “Labyrinth” by Yongju (episode 4) were released at 6 PM KST, 4 hours before the episode aired. , the following week saw the release of Ha Sung-Woon’s “I Fall in Love” (Episode 5) and Davichi’s “Please Don’t Cry” (Episode 6).

professional performance
The series has held the No. 1 spot on the weekly WAVE drama chart for eight consecutive weeks since its first airing, it is also among the top 10 most talked about programs according to survey results on Internet reactions to TV programs. The first half of 2020 was conducted by government agency Korea Communications Commission by counting the number of views on online posts, online comments, related videos and news articles. The Netflix 2020 year-end viewing list showed that The King: Eternal Monarch was the most popular Korean drama series in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, and the U.S. was most popular in One of the top two in

On August 6, Studio Dragon announced financial performance in the second quarter with a record $135 million in total sales, a 25.9% increase over the same period last year, thanks to increased licensing sales of works such as Crash. Landing on You, The King: Eternal Monarch and It’s OK to Not Be OK, and according to Hansinema, “‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ probably deserves most of the credit, as it is the only drama that aired in its entirety. The second quarter.” ” Business Korea also reported that “Sales of Studio Dragon’s TV series rose an average of 9.3% annually amid the growing popularity of K-dramas, particularly The King: Eternal Monarch.”

The BBQ chicken brand advertised on the series is reported to have sold 550,000 sets of their fried chicken in a single month after appearing on the series.

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